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Frequently Asked Questions

This is an extension to the regular FAQ

  • Sentence Analysis: Accepted formats
    The various input and upload fields expect plain text in ISO-8859-1 encoding. Meta-data fields and SGML/HTML/XML may distort your result, if it even goes through parsing in the first place.
  • Can I get an offline version of the tools?
    A CD version of VISL is available, through a small private company called GrammarSoft. The CD runs by simulating a linux-system on the windows-platform, and thus copies much of VISL "as is". However, it is slower and mostly intended for teaching use. Thus, there's no command-line interface, and texts would still have to be pasted into the machine analysis window. The price is 400 DKK for the teaching section, and 700 DKK with one running text analysis module ("open corpus").
  • CQP Refine: Hitting 'Search' does nothing
    If nothing happens when you hit Search from the Refine (Java) interface, try disabling any pop-up blocking software. Certain firewalls may include pop-up blocking; we have seen Zone Labs' ZoneAlarm misidentify the Java redirect for a pop-up and subsequently block the request completely.
  • How is different from
    Beta, alias Sandbox, is our front-edge development machine. It is where we experiment with the latest and greatest, which results in newer and more powerful tools, but at the same time less stable.
  • I keep getting "403 Forbidden" errors
    There could be numerous reasons for this. First of all, you may simply have tried to access one of our internal pages. However, if you are getting a Forbidden page by trying to parse your text, this could be due to mod_security which we employ to block certain intrusion attempts. Please let us know if you believe that is the case.

Didn't get the answer you wanted? Contact us.

With the most recent Java update, Oracle has decided to set the default Java security settings to block all unsigned applets.
Until we can fix this on our end by signing the applets, you can lower your security settings from Control Panel -> Java -> Security and set the slider to Medium instead of High.
If something else isn't working properly, contact Tino Didriksen.

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